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What is VALDIG

VALDIG (Vascular Liver Disease Group) is a independent network of researchers with a common interest in Vascular Liver Diseases.

The aim of this network is to foster research in this field.

All VALDIG centres are connected by one database, which allows for the coordination of joint research projects.

In addition, VALDIG is supporting the establishment of new research groups to provide young researchers with the opportunity for interaction and knowledge building.

What we do

VALDIG is conducting multicentre research projects. Those studies focus on the incidence, direct causes and consequences of vascular liver diseases.

We investigate mechanisms that lead to pathological changes in the liver vasculature and test new effective treatment options.

Vascular Liver Diseases are less common compared to other liver diseases. For this reason, a broad network of collaborating centres is necessary to obtain sufficient samples for data analysis.

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Prof. Dr. A. De Gottardi
Inselspital, Universitätsspital Bern Universitätsklinik für Viszerale Chirurgie und Medizin,
Bereich Hepatologie
CH - 3010 Bern

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